Welcome to Movement Sense cic

 We are a resource based community, not-for profit organisation (company n0: 7895685) established to manage and develop places, spaces and experiences for individuals, groups and communities to access and engage with the natural environment for wellbeing, learning and creative expression, through the moving body.

Our community is made up of  those who come to work, learn and play with us here in Cwm Cothi (Cothi Valley), and those whom we reach through going to where they live, wherever they live. We encompass all ages with reverence for the importance of childhood, we are focused on all- abilities accessibility and we engage in cultural exchange. Our community aims to practices true diversity: the equal consideration for non- human and human needs.  We bring together a network of people, including professionals and others interested in working with awareness of the body moving in dynamic relationship with the natural world.

Maggie Fearn and Kerstin Wellhöfer

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