The Directors

How we got here. . .

Maggie Fearn MA DATP,

Maggie profilePlay therapist and specialist in therapeutic outdoor play, Maggie has been a play and community development practitioner for 30 years and a Forest School practitioner since 2001. She facilitates play sessions with children and young people of all ages and abilities in Wales, and she trains adults in non-directive play skills and the incredible power of play for children’s development.

She is also a graduate teacher of Body & Earth experiential anatomy and authentic movement.

She has an MA with distinction in Developmental and Therapeutic Play and a Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy and Psychotherapy. She is especially interested in movement and nonverbal communication. She is in demand as a speaker about the therapeutic value of outdoor play, and the importance of attending to children’s perspectives.

For 21 years she has lived at Pistyllgwyn in the beautiful Cwm Cothi, Carmarthenshire, raising her three gorgeous sons there, learning to manage the land for biodiversity and welcoming individuals and groups of all ages and from all over the world to interact with the natural environment and enjoy the peace and inspiration of the place.

The combination of her life’s work in play, and play therapy, her contribution to academic research in the field and her day-to-day relationship with Pistyllgwyn, provides rich experience to draw on in her ongoing exploration of embodiment in relation to wellbeing, learning and creative expression.

For her, Movement Sense c.i.c is a vessel for containing and sharing knowledge and experience that acknowledges the moving body as the fulcrum of the human story.


Kerstin Wellhofer BA hons, IIHHT, IBMT Dip, ismeta RSME/T

With a background in performance arts, a love for movement work and site specific explorations, I bring together my skills and passions for learning through movement and being in nature, here in the Cothi Valley.

The journey of training as Body and Earth teachers, delivering workshops and conference papers, moments in the heart of Wales and the pulse of big city Birmingham, held within it an ever present question: how do we weave together both urban and rural experiences of the self? Movement Sense CIC has evolved as a container in which to continue exploring all possible answers. With this community interest company, our presence in the valley and our place on the somatic map of research, development and exchange of ideas can be nurtured and deepened.  We share with others the experience of being held, paced and healed by remembering we are environment.  Bringing you home to the moving self, whatever your ability age and interest.

I have worked in the past for SureStart, delivered early year’s developmental courses, encompassing ante-natal, mental health, and family support.  Researching embodied applications for all ages and abilities with Yoga teachers, dancers and artists I have taught in Universities, assisted on training programmes;  I offer somatic supervision and currently run an on-going private client practice, Somatic Enquiry, being body, unfolding awareness, as an ismeta registered somatic movement therapist.

Every cell responds to the activity of directing Movement Sense. Cell by cell this community interest grows, and I am inspired for that which will be shared, discovered, composted and remembered.  I move in the town, I move in the countryside and I share my words and insights with all in my  web-presence.