We collaborate

seeking to build sustainable networks of resources and people, we are  building relationships with others engaged in exploring our place in the natural world through play, movement and dance, body-oriented practices, education, environmental awareness, creative arts and enterprises.

We have an ongoing exchange with Carmarthenshire Forest Schools, developing best practice in inclusion and outdoor play working in partnership, based at the community woodland site at Keepers in the Brechfa Forest.

We are engaged in working on the land at Pistyllgwyn to maintain and sustain a balanced indigenous eco-system.  We host wwoof’ers:  willing workers on organic farms, from a wide range of countries who help us with clearing invasive plants, coppicing, forestry management and organic food production. The site was awarded a Land Conservation grant in 2012, and together with Ivy and Carl we are making progress establishing a sustainable land management plan for conservation.

We are collaborate with local artists and educators in developing material for environmental and sensory awareness through movement and play. We host small group retreats and creative exploration in movement, art and natural sciences. In 2012 Maggie worked with dancer Eeva Maria Mutka to develop Between Sky and Earth, a programme of sensory awareness games and activities that put young children in touch with their own bodies and how they connect with the body of the Earth through biological systems.

See our Up-coming Events page for up to date information on our courses and collaborative projects.


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